Gin & Tonic Birthday

For Rebecca's big 2-5 I decided to make a cake out of her favorite cocktail- Gin & Tonic. I came across this recipe from How Sweet It Is months ago and immediately bookmarked it for this occasion. Of course the night I finally went to bake it I realized we had no gin in the house and I had to make a last minute trip to the store.
I added the bunting the next morning (very last minute!). I think it came out quite cute! (Thanks Pinterest!)
Shayda and I arrived at the office early to set up a few birthday surprises.
Happy Birthday Rebecca!
 I think she liked it!
This was her corresponding gift: Gin & Titonic (so clever, I couldn't pass it up!)

The truth is that I really don't like gin at all. Honestly I thought a gin cake would be a good way to deter myself from eating any of it. But despite being on my no alcohol/no sweets diet I HAD to try it, and I thought it tasted great. The cake calls for lime juice and zest. I love citrus in cake. (Ina Garten's secret ingredient!)
This little birthday surprise was only the first of the day... More to come in the next post!


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