Trolley Time

Rebecca's boyfriend Joe also just turned 25 so she planned him a big surprise this year...
 A Trolley Party! 
She blindfolded him and walked him out after we were all positioned on board. When we yelled surprise he went nuts! Gary captured it on video. So cute!

 Our first stop was at Buckshot on Geary where I dominated at SKEE BALL and ogled their delicious menu.

Here Shayda is awaiting her juicy chuck burger and garlic fries. I got a boring 'ole diet friendly veggie burger.
Our second stop was El Rio bar in the mission. It has a great outdoor heated patio and made to order Italian fare.
However the most fun to be had was on the trolley itself!
Gary had a great time harassing street-goers and pole-dancing for strangers.

I highly recommend a trolley for your next bar-hopping party in the city! 


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