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It's been around since October but I just recently discovered Pottery Barn's blog, Inside & Out. It's a great mix of home decor, how-tos, weddings, design tips, and seasonal features. I'm loving the Valentine's Day card roundup, and the 2013 calendars.

It's hard to choose a favorite category as each has it's virtues, such as this Design Love post on creating a clutter-free entryway. 

When I have my own entryway one day I'll be sure to look this up.
Until then, I'm more into these instagrams of pets :)

And because it is still Pottery Barn, I'll say that I'm loving this duvet set that's 60% off!

Oh happy weekend

We are heading up to Lake Tahoe this afternoon for a friend's birthday party at this unbelievable "cabin"! Can't wait for a cozy weekend in the snow with friends! Stay warm for those of you enduring cold spells!

Wish I was at Alt this week! But still being productive

This is my big must-do project

Remodelista's unexpected bookshelves & required reading

Molly Sim's Emerald picks

to&from's Valentine's Day gift guide

The Big Eat 2013 - with photos!

Obsessed with Kristen & Dax

{Photo courtesy of Shelter Co.}

Paper Lust: Parrott Design Studio

I love stationary. A lot a lot. When I find a great brand or shop I'm lusting after I will include it here in a weekly post on paper!

I first saw Parrott Design Studio's work at Blogshop SF, when Bri and Angela included a card in the goodie bag. The love the neon colors and geometric design of the "hooray" card, paired with the loopy fun font!
The eponymous Parrott Studio was founded in Providence, Rhode Island by Sarah Parrott. Her lovely array of letterpress cards are sold on Etsy!

{Top photo by me; other photos courtesy of Etsy}

Semester at Sea Reunion

I waited for this reunion aboard the MV Explorer for five years! And despite the fact that it was a "Voyage to Nowhere" (aka Ensenada, Mexico) it was certainly a memorable one. Here's a recap of our 4 day round-trip sail from San Diego.
Having arrived in Ensenada with some stomach issues, Mason urged us to take a morning shot of brandy (as the Czechs do when traveling) in order to fend off any further ailments.

Only a few hours later we set off for a day in the Ensenada Wine Country, where we enjoyed a variety of great red, whites, breads, and cheeses!

Of course no trip to Mexico is complete without some margaritas and mariachi!

It was a great time to reconnect with old shipmates and meet many SAS alumni.
Already looking forward to 2018!

{Photos by me and Mason Long}

Bon Voyage!

Today Mason and I are embarking on our Semester at Sea 5 Year Reunion Voyage! I'm in San Diego waiting to board the ship. We will sail to Ensenada, Mexico, spend Saturday there, then head back on Sunday. Here's my blog from the first time around!

Toast to 2013!

Happy New Year! It's a sunny and bright day in the Bay Area and 2013 is off to a great start!
Here are the resolutions I want to focus on this year:

1.  Stay Positive.
2. Be more social! Accept social invitations and reach out to friends.
3. Move into my own place. Decorate accordingly.
4. Be more affectionate (and other tips from Gretchen Rubin.)
5. Learn to cook. And host a dinner party.
6. Continue to enjoy the small things.
7. Save cash money. 
8. Get a dog. For me or for Dad...
10. Take a trip. Or two. Or more.
11. Floss. And take care of my skin.
12. Do as Cheryl Strayed says: “Be about ten times more magnanimous than you believe yourself capable of. Your life will be a hundred times better for it.”

{Photos courtesy of SunsetPetitevanou}
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