Black Friday & Blogshop

I've never been a Black Friday shopper. On the contrary, I am hoping to do a lot of DIY gifts this year. However, when I get back from holiday shopping, my favorite part of the process commences: gift wrapping! 
1. Anthropologie Pompom Wrapping Paper.  2. Rifle Paper Co. North Pole Map Postcards. 3. Etsy Red Pin Stripe Washi Tape. 4. Anthropologie Tundra Mammoth Ornament. 5. Anthropologie Gourmet Gifting Tags. 6. Paper Source Santa Hat Dogs Wrapping Paper. 7. Etsy Red Stripe Italian Twine. 8. Urban Outfitters Wine Sock Monkey.

Using my new found Photoshop skills from Blogshop, I've gathered some of my favorite wrapping accessories from the web. I am ever so grateful to Bri and Angela for the knowledge they imparted in one weekend. It has increased my confidence to move forward with my blog and opened up so many possibilities. My Photoshop trial is up in just a few days and I need a copy of CS6! This is my entry to the Blogshop Photoshop contest!
Thanks Blogshop!!

A Different Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am thankful for Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole! And much more.

Today marks our first holiday season as a fractured family. My Mom isn't here. She is surely cooking dinner for her "new family." It has been an unexpectedly emotional week leading up to today, but I am so thankful to be surrounded by a wonderful and supportive family. And the things that are important to this family- great food and drink!!
Here's to a great meal and a great Thanksgiving weekend!
Bon Appetit!

oh happy weekend

I just pulled these pumpkin pie s'mores cupcakes out of the oven. I originally planned on making the sweet potato version, but I couldn't get past the boiling of the potato. In addition to a potato-boiling lesson I need a frosting lesson. Mine is sad.

I tuned into this inspirational live virtual chat yesterday! Thanks Joy!

What I learned this week: 6 realizations from dog siting.

Also, I have accepted this.

Now penning: 10 signs you're addicted to Thought Catalog. Just kidding. But it should be written.

Worst trick ever!

Mac Attack! I'm determined to conquer all of these. 

{Photo courtesy of How Sweet It Is}

oh happy weekend

For the next two days I'll be in blogging bootcamp at BLOGSHOP, hosted by Bri of Design Love Fest! I cannot wait to come out with whole bunches of inspiration and photoshop knowledge! I keep telling myself I want to get this (blog) baby underway! After Blogshop I'll have NO excuse!

I didn't eat a single piece of Halloween candy this year. But if I had leftovers, I would make this.

Congrats to Victoria who is getting hitched this weekend!

Need to go on a cupcake roadtrip!

Another thank you to Melanie for her great Alt class this week! I signed up for this too! It's free!

Pinning the heck out of fall food.

Amazing Manhattan skyline in the wake of Sandy.

Have a wonderful November weekend!

Photos courtesy of Blogshop.
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