Have a Nice Trip

This morning I set out on my third day of half marathon training. Five minutes in I found myself face down on the cold concrete sidewalk, bleeding solely from the left side of my body. It was a pathetic sight I'm sure for the one car that drove by. Begrudgingly I'd have to agree with my loving boyfriend who said, "Man I wish I'd seen that." Unfortunately I do have a history of mid-run tumbles. It always seems to happen early in the summer, just as I'm preparing for shorts season.  This knee is gonna look nasty for a while.

For those of you wondering, I did finish my tempo run! (My watch has the proof: 44 minutes!)

Gary bandaged me up and kissed by boo-boos. What a cutie.

Ironically my "I <3 Running" water bottle (above) is full of dents. I swear I didn't trip with it. 


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