The S.C.H.I.T

This year Gary and I (aka Baggin' and Braggin') participated in the 5th Annual Sausalito Cornhole Invitational Tournament (S.C.H.I.T) for our second year. Last year we made it to the semi-final round, and I was named the long-standing woman in the event's four year history. We had big hopes for this year.
 It was a beautiful day in Sausalito. About forty or fifty teams entered the competition, including Gary's parents, Team Holesome Couple.
 And my Dad and brother, Ryan- Team Bagadellic, Baby!
 Gary and I made it to the Sweet 16 round with a 2-1 record and one amazing nail-biter game finish in which Gary holed all FOUR bags in the final round (=12 points!).
 Here I am baggin'. Unfortunately in another close game we lost to Bombs Over Bag'dads. They went on the win the whole tourney! (That made us feel better). The same thing happened to us last year. We were eliminated from the semi-finals by the Cornfathers, who became the champions.
 Overall it was a great day and we were proud of ourselves! (But determined to kick butt next year!)


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