Babies, Brides and Bundts

It's been a busy week+ prepping for my presentation at work, but now it's over and I can get back to blogging!
There is lots to catch up on! I did tons of gluten-free baking over Father's Day weekend, and attended a beautiful bridal shower for a dear friend. One week ago my lovely cousin Liesl gave birth to an adorble little baby girl. Gary and I attended a swanky event supporting the American Cancer Society on Friday night. And then this past weekend Jeanine (Gary's cousin) and I started our summer of adventure by zip-lining with Colin in Mt. Hermon, near Sana Cruz. It was great fun!
Other summer adventures to come:
-Paddleboard Yoga
-Aerial Fitness Class
-Hike Half Dome!
-White water rafting and camping
-Intense 4th of July baking


Party Prep

Sweet & Lovely Flower Garden Birthday Party
I have big plans for the Fourth of July. I want to make a pretty dessert table complete with red, white and blue bunting, a flag cake, sprinkle-spangled cookies, and some gluten free options such a red velvet cupcakes or cake pops. Maybe even homemade popsicles. Oh and fruit skewers. There are so many ideas out there! I compiled a bunch of them on pinterest, of course.
red white blue cake fourth of july

Photos via Hostess with the Mostest and HGTV Blog

The Future Me

This is my future. Right here. This is what I want. In order, I want...
a. That Jadeite Cake Stand
b. A Frenchie!
c. A Yellow Lab
d. This entire kitchen - mason jar oats & honey and all.
Thank you Erin for the inspiration!
This is kind of embarrassing but this photo is the background of my work computer.
One day my friend Rebecca saw it and said that it looks like me- the hair, the body type.

Jadeite Cake Stand

Miette sells cake stands along with its sweets. Erin Lubin / Special to The Chronicle 
I am obsessed with Miette right one. One just opened here in Marin and I haven't spent nearly enough time (or money) there. I blame that on the diet (which ends this Friday). 

More specifically I am obsessed with this Jadeite Cake Stand. It is on my wishlist for whatever holiday is coming next. Birthday?! It's for sale here. I also saw it here. (This shop is so darn cute but I'll save that for another post).
I have been dreaming of bakeries lately and if I were to open one I would certainly use Miette as inspiration. It is so colorful and whimsical. I would go for "rustic charm." (Not unlike Moss & Daughters!) But with baked goods. Now I'm on to something...

Feeling the Neon

The day after the S.C.H.I.T we still hadn't had enough cornhole, so we played a few games in the yard. Turns out Ryan and I were an UNBEATABLE team! (I think it was my neon powers!)

The S.C.H.I.T

This year Gary and I (aka Baggin' and Braggin') participated in the 5th Annual Sausalito Cornhole Invitational Tournament (S.C.H.I.T) for our second year. Last year we made it to the semi-final round, and I was named the long-standing woman in the event's four year history. We had big hopes for this year.
 It was a beautiful day in Sausalito. About forty or fifty teams entered the competition, including Gary's parents, Team Holesome Couple.
 And my Dad and brother, Ryan- Team Bagadellic, Baby!
 Gary and I made it to the Sweet 16 round with a 2-1 record and one amazing nail-biter game finish in which Gary holed all FOUR bags in the final round (=12 points!).
 Here I am baggin'. Unfortunately in another close game we lost to Bombs Over Bag'dads. They went on the win the whole tourney! (That made us feel better). The same thing happened to us last year. We were eliminated from the semi-finals by the Cornfathers, who became the champions.
 Overall it was a great day and we were proud of ourselves! (But determined to kick butt next year!)

Animal Prints

I think this Anthro dress is super cute!
I'm a little worried I might be made fun of for wearing it though... 

What about the polar bears?
 So cute!
I still think the donkeys are my fave!
What do you think?
Photos via Anthropolgie

Trolley Time

Rebecca's boyfriend Joe also just turned 25 so she planned him a big surprise this year...
 A Trolley Party! 
She blindfolded him and walked him out after we were all positioned on board. When we yelled surprise he went nuts! Gary captured it on video. So cute!

 Our first stop was at Buckshot on Geary where I dominated at SKEE BALL and ogled their delicious menu.

Here Shayda is awaiting her juicy chuck burger and garlic fries. I got a boring 'ole diet friendly veggie burger.
Our second stop was El Rio bar in the mission. It has a great outdoor heated patio and made to order Italian fare.
However the most fun to be had was on the trolley itself!
Gary had a great time harassing street-goers and pole-dancing for strangers.

I highly recommend a trolley for your next bar-hopping party in the city! 

New Glasses

 I stopped in LensCrafters to get my sunnies fixed and ended up trying on these cute Chanel glasses with my Mom. (In the top photo I am wearing the bottom pair in photo directly above). I love them.
But alas, I knew as I was trying them that a. I had a free pair coming in the mail from, and b. my insurance doesn't cover visual, so I can't afford these Chanelies!

 And when I got home my new pair by Love was waiting for me. Pretty similar, right? Minus the CCs!

Gin & Tonic Birthday

For Rebecca's big 2-5 I decided to make a cake out of her favorite cocktail- Gin & Tonic. I came across this recipe from How Sweet It Is months ago and immediately bookmarked it for this occasion. Of course the night I finally went to bake it I realized we had no gin in the house and I had to make a last minute trip to the store.
I added the bunting the next morning (very last minute!). I think it came out quite cute! (Thanks Pinterest!)
Shayda and I arrived at the office early to set up a few birthday surprises.
Happy Birthday Rebecca!
 I think she liked it!
This was her corresponding gift: Gin & Titonic (so clever, I couldn't pass it up!)

The truth is that I really don't like gin at all. Honestly I thought a gin cake would be a good way to deter myself from eating any of it. But despite being on my no alcohol/no sweets diet I HAD to try it, and I thought it tasted great. The cake calls for lime juice and zest. I love citrus in cake. (Ina Garten's secret ingredient!)
This little birthday surprise was only the first of the day... More to come in the next post!
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