Oh happy weekend

yellow bike

Since my normal weekend indulgence - eating a lot of yummy food - is off the docket for the next few days due to THIS, I will have to bide my time with my other faves - bike-riding and
flower-shopping! In order to facilitate the body-cleansing process I am opting for a 90 min. massage tonight, yoga class this weekend, a few nice walks, and some good ole movie-watching. 

Enjoy some of my fave links from this week. 
Have a great one! 

Fascinating documentary

Frenchie Friday! 

Dying to send (or receive) a lovely burlap-wrapped bouquet via bike!

A "quick" adventure via my cousin.

New Tory Burch Pinterest board.

Lake Bell lust.

How I know he's Mr. Right.

Stoked to find this in my local market! (A post-cleanse treat!)

Photo via Pinterest

What I'm reading now

Most people who know me know that I love to read. My book lists are always growing and I cannot keep up! My favorite genre is non-fiction and I love memoirs and biographies. But I'm never opposed to a riveting novel now and again. I also love books about the social sciences.
Hence, I am very excited to have joined not one but two book clubs recently! One book club was started by a friend of a friend who is looking to meet more people in the Bay Area. It's a great way for us all to meet gals with similar interests and expand our social circle, all while delving into some literary works! The second club is a group of some of my closest friends, and I'm so glad for this monthly excuse to see them all more often! 

1. Alison of Book club #1 assigned Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. I decided to start the book just three days before the meet-up! I spent almost an entire Saturday blowing through the book and I was riveted. It is a historical fiction about a twenty-something girl in New York City in the 1930's and it certainly struck a chord with me as a twenty-something today. I highly recommend diving into this love-triangle full of plot-twists that will keep you flipping pages.

2. Book club #2 was hosted by dear Amanda who chose Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I actually ready Gone Girl months and months ago and absolutely could not put it down. I know its gotten mixed reviews from some as it certainly is a bit disturbing, which it is, but it is also quite fascinating and certainly a page-turner.

3. I recently finished Heads In Beds, having come upon it after reading the New York Times review. For the inside scoop on the hotel industry, pick up this memoir by Jacob Tomsky. His number one piece of advice: Whatever happens, be nice to the front desk agent.

4. In 2004 I spent time in the war-torn country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. My high-school teachers had set up a summer school there to reintegrate youth from the three waring ethnic groups. Having a first hand account of the people and the geography of Bosnia, Barbara Demick's Logavina Street brings back vivid memories. The lengths at which the interviewed residents of Logavina Street go to survive the four-year-long war will astonish you.

Note: This post was written over a year ago but my recommendations still stand! 

Sunday Blues: Easter Edition

Easter morning as an adult doesn't have the same element of surprise and adventure as it did when we woke up to Easter egg hunts as kids. Oh how I miss that. I miss the tradition of it. And while I didn't get my act together this year my goal is to reinstate some traditions- be it with friends or family- for the holidays to come. A future tradition I'm dying to instate: holding a big fat fluffy Easter bunny like this one. How cute is this.

{Photos courtesy of The Neotraditionalist}

Oh happy weekend

Spring has officially sprung and I'm dreaming of a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. There's something about this rainbow place that seems like the ultimate escape.   
This weekend I am celebrating a friend's birthday at a wonderful brunch spot on Saturday morning, then doing a long run of Sunday. There will probably be baking somewhere in there too. 

Here's a roundup of great links this week:

If I'm gonna be renting...

Great beach packing list

Totally obsessed with these lately

Getting me psyched up for Hawaii!

Thinking of attempting these cookies for two

Kitchen sale this weekend

Adorable bike iPhone case

In love with this Austin wedding

Happy Friday and have a super weekend!

So Lucky to Live Here

Yes it's a joke from the Shit Marinities Say video (which I can't find right now), but I really truly mean it when I say it. I am grateful to have been raised in this beautiful county that offers unparalleled beauty outside every door and window. This evening I literally ran out the door of my house, partly in a fit and partly wanting to get in some cardio, and while not necessarily calmed or distracted by it, the vistas here have the great power to remind me to give thanks.
I grew up in Marin with a view of the majestic Mt. Tam. Given the topsy turvy turn my life has taken of late, the view has changed. The view is equally nice, but I still feel a certain amount of resentment about the change itself. That seems utterly ridiculous to admit.  My true solace is the fact that I find comfort in the beauty of the area and the beauty is readily accessible. While views alone don't help to fill the aching of the hole in my heart, they do remind me that there is goodness in life- a lot of it.

#followmeto see the world

Photographer Murad Osmann's brilliant and adorable #followmeto Instagram series documents his worldwide travels as led by his girlfriend. His shots are absolutely stunning and have catapulted him to instant Insta success, with 140k followers! This makes me want to grab my boyfriend and jet!

And if the curiosity is killing you, here is his girlfriend Nataly's face revealed.

{Photos courtesy of The Huffington Post, via Wit+Delight}

Sunday Blues: Retail Therapy

It's that time again. Sunday afternoon is melting into evening and I'm feeling the blues! Luckily I got a little retail therapy in this week- thanks to the J.CREW sales (and inevitable online window shopping)! A few of these items are recent additions to my wardrobe, a few are staples, and a few are on my lust-list...
1. Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette- this is my all time favorite bra- I have it in at least three colors! 2. J.CREW Boy shirt in dots- just arrived on my doorstep! 3. Tieks foldable ballet flat- I want! 4. Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet- I got one for Christmas and I adore it! 5. J.CREW Matchstick Jeans- picked these up today in ankle length! 6. Lusting after this Madewell silk cami

Feeling ready for the week with my "new" blue wardrobe!

Sunday Blues: Blue Valentine

Every Sunday evening I get what I call the "Sunday Blues." I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that twinge of sadness each time the weekend comes to an end. Ironically, I still felt it even when I didn't have a job to get up for on Monday morning. And even tonight, despite the exciting week ahead- Company Party and Valentine's Day!-  I still feel the need for a Sunday night pick-me-up. Hence, I'm instating a weekly column featuring blue-hued bits of happy! Tonight I treated myself to an indulgent and most effective blues-buster: a facial at Champagne Salon & Day Spa. It was absolutely heavenly and a perfect way to start off Valentine's Day Week. My skin is brighter and clearer and totally refreshed! Thank you to my brilliant esthetician, Kelly!
Speaking of the festive week to come, why not mix it up by adding some blues to those reds and pinks? I would gladly accept a bouquet of dusty miller and blue thistle in lieu of standard red roses, and that blue peacock lingerie, I'd wear any day.
But the true Blue Valentine... Mr. Gosling himself... is every girl's Valentine's Day dream-come-true!  

1. Max and Cleo Peacock Dress from Viva Diva, photo via Modcloth 2. What a facial feels like via Champagne Salon & Day Spa 3. Knotty Valentine via Egg Press 4. Blue Heart Balloon 5. Bra and panties via Cosabella 6. Blue-Gray Bouquet 7. West Elm Pillows and Duvet 8. Ryan Gosling 

Here's to a love-filled week! 


Pottery Barn Blog

It's been around since October but I just recently discovered Pottery Barn's blog, Inside & Out. It's a great mix of home decor, how-tos, weddings, design tips, and seasonal features. I'm loving the Valentine's Day card roundup, and the 2013 calendars.

It's hard to choose a favorite category as each has it's virtues, such as this Design Love post on creating a clutter-free entryway. 

When I have my own entryway one day I'll be sure to look this up.
Until then, I'm more into these instagrams of pets :)

And because it is still Pottery Barn, I'll say that I'm loving this duvet set that's 60% off!

Oh happy weekend

We are heading up to Lake Tahoe this afternoon for a friend's birthday party at this unbelievable "cabin"! Can't wait for a cozy weekend in the snow with friends! Stay warm for those of you enduring cold spells!

Wish I was at Alt this week! But still being productive

This is my big must-do project

Remodelista's unexpected bookshelves & required reading

Molly Sim's Emerald picks

to&from's Valentine's Day gift guide

The Big Eat 2013 - with photos!

Obsessed with Kristen & Dax

{Photo courtesy of Shelter Co.}

Paper Lust: Parrott Design Studio

I love stationary. A lot a lot. When I find a great brand or shop I'm lusting after I will include it here in a weekly post on paper!

I first saw Parrott Design Studio's work at Blogshop SF, when Bri and Angela included a card in the goodie bag. The love the neon colors and geometric design of the "hooray" card, paired with the loopy fun font!
The eponymous Parrott Studio was founded in Providence, Rhode Island by Sarah Parrott. Her lovely array of letterpress cards are sold on Etsy!

{Top photo by me; other photos courtesy of Etsy}

Semester at Sea Reunion

I waited for this reunion aboard the MV Explorer for five years! And despite the fact that it was a "Voyage to Nowhere" (aka Ensenada, Mexico) it was certainly a memorable one. Here's a recap of our 4 day round-trip sail from San Diego.
Having arrived in Ensenada with some stomach issues, Mason urged us to take a morning shot of brandy (as the Czechs do when traveling) in order to fend off any further ailments.

Only a few hours later we set off for a day in the Ensenada Wine Country, where we enjoyed a variety of great red, whites, breads, and cheeses!

Of course no trip to Mexico is complete without some margaritas and mariachi!

It was a great time to reconnect with old shipmates and meet many SAS alumni.
Already looking forward to 2018!

{Photos by me and Mason Long}

Bon Voyage!

Today Mason and I are embarking on our Semester at Sea 5 Year Reunion Voyage! I'm in San Diego waiting to board the ship. We will sail to Ensenada, Mexico, spend Saturday there, then head back on Sunday. Here's my blog from the first time around!

Toast to 2013!

Happy New Year! It's a sunny and bright day in the Bay Area and 2013 is off to a great start!
Here are the resolutions I want to focus on this year:

1.  Stay Positive.
2. Be more social! Accept social invitations and reach out to friends.
3. Move into my own place. Decorate accordingly.
4. Be more affectionate (and other tips from Gretchen Rubin.)
5. Learn to cook. And host a dinner party.
6. Continue to enjoy the small things.
7. Save cash money. 
8. Get a dog. For me or for Dad...
10. Take a trip. Or two. Or more.
11. Floss. And take care of my skin.
12. Do as Cheryl Strayed says: “Be about ten times more magnanimous than you believe yourself capable of. Your life will be a hundred times better for it.”

{Photos courtesy of SunsetPetitevanou}
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