oh happy weekend 7.9.16

I'm now three weeks wed and still basking in the wedding glow, and I plan on keeping the party vibe alive as long as I can. This means the rosé drinking and happy hour hopping is in full swing. It helps that summer is officially here, which is my all time favorite time of year! Although now that we're a full five days past the 4th of July I start freaking out that summer is basically over. It's going by way too fast, as expected, and therefore I am determined to make the most of this special newlywed summer, with help from the NY Times Intentional Summer Series. Also in the works is my summer bucket list, for which I have 11 weeks to both write it and accomplish it, but who's counting...

Rosé all day. And why not all year? 

Pick an island, any island  

An inspiring MUST WATCH miniseries about new mom and Olympic hopeful Sarah Brown 

A honeymoon to remember, not so fondly

The most gorgeous dress I've seen in a while 

Give me all the ice cream 

I made this for the 4th and it knocked people's socks off

What did quiche ever do to you? Why does tart get all the love?

My summer lunch staple (I recommend the oven over the toaster)

Maybe I should throw myself a New Last Name party. Can that be a thing? 

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oh happy weekend 3.11.16

After running my very first marathon last weekend, and making some major life decisions this week (both exhausting), I am ready for a low-key rainy weekend, a.k.a netflix and chill. We'll be celebrating my adorable pregnant friend at a co-ed baby shower, then G and I are having our relationship chart read by an astrologist. (Not going to lie- kind of nervous about this!)
Here's some weekend reading to catch up on:

I FINALLY got a Fiddle Leaf Fig, and now this.

How to build a billion dollar business (and other life lessons.)

Now I want to live on a boat!

Shoes made from sheep wool.
Why elephants don't get cancer. 
Home-spiration (in my hometown.)

Feeling the need to bake all things lemon.


Image via Style Me Pretty. 
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