oh happy weekend 7.9.16

I'm now three weeks wed and still basking in the wedding glow, and I plan on keeping the party vibe alive as long as I can. This means the rosé drinking and happy hour hopping is in full swing. It helps that summer is officially here, which is my all time favorite time of year! Although now that we're a full five days past the 4th of July I start freaking out that summer is basically over. It's going by way too fast, as expected, and therefore I am determined to make the most of this special newlywed summer, with help from the NY Times Intentional Summer Series. Also in the works is my summer bucket list, for which I have 11 weeks to both write it and accomplish it, but who's counting...

Rosé all day. And why not all year? 

Pick an island, any island  

An inspiring MUST WATCH miniseries about new mom and Olympic hopeful Sarah Brown 

A honeymoon to remember, not so fondly

The most gorgeous dress I've seen in a while 

Give me all the ice cream 

I made this for the 4th and it knocked people's socks off

What did quiche ever do to you? Why does tart get all the love?

My summer lunch staple (I recommend the oven over the toaster)

Maybe I should throw myself a New Last Name party. Can that be a thing? 

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oh happy weekend 3.11.16

After running my very first marathon last weekend, and making some major life decisions this week (both exhausting), I am ready for a low-key rainy weekend, a.k.a netflix and chill. We'll be celebrating my adorable pregnant friend at a co-ed baby shower, then G and I are having our relationship chart read by an astrologist. (Not going to lie- kind of nervous about this!)
Here's some weekend reading to catch up on:

I FINALLY got a Fiddle Leaf Fig, and now this.

How to build a billion dollar business (and other life lessons.)

Now I want to live on a boat!

Shoes made from sheep wool.
Why elephants don't get cancer. 
Home-spiration (in my hometown.)

Feeling the need to bake all things lemon.


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oh happy weekend 2.8.15

It's been a wet weekend and my new wellies got a lot of action! Weekend highlights include a fabulous dinner with great friends on Friday night, an impromptu engagement photo shoot, and a great Sunday evening catch up sesh with a girlfriend. (Oh and some delicious gluten free brownies!)
Here are some of my fave finds from around the web:

My favorite stationery company is launching an apparel line!!

Need to make this for my fourth-annual HEART ATTACK installment. (See years one, two, and three!)

Gotta remember this game for future bridal festivities! 

New dinner party salad to try.

My ongoing weekend project.

Pretty much my dream wedding.  (From the dress to colors to the food trucks!)

In the Bay Area? Get your flea on this month.

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The Proposal

Gary and I joke about how differently we tell our proposal story, but here's MY version.
Back in early December 2014, Gary and I were doing one of our favorite workouts together, running the Larkspur Steps. This is a set of 148 stairs in downtown Larkspur, a popular workout and boot camp location for locals. This was also the place that Gary and I first hung out, just the two of us (romantic, huh?).  Over our almost four years together Gary and I have run the stairs well over a hundred times, sometimes alone and sometimes with the company of many familiar faces.
On that day in December Gary announced that we were going to do a timed test in about six weeks, giving us motivation to run the steps weekly over the holiday season. (The goal of the test was for him to PR and beat his record of 20 flights in under 25 minutes!) I rolled my eyes a bit at the thought of it but agreed to help him train during our joint workouts. For both of us, working out together in the mornings (whether at the gym or the stairs) is our very favorite time together.
The morning of January 13, 2015 was D-Day. Time to test the strength we'd built over the past month and a half. We met at the bottom of the stairs just after 7am as Gary was coming from training his 6am client.  I'd actually been up since 5:30am (just after he left for work), nervous about our big test. I used the time to hydrate and get in some carbs before heading to the stairs.
We did one warm-up lap to the top of the staris to set up our rocks, used to count how many flights we've run. Back at the bottom, we started our watches and sprinted off.
I kept up a fast pace for the first two flights, barely letting Gary break away. He commented "nice pace!" as he passed me on his way back down, motivating me to keep it up (but dreading that I had to keep this up for the remaining flights.) By my fourth flight up, Gary had already left me in the dust, and he was halfway back down by the time I was halfway up. As we passed in the middle he said, "I forgot to move a rock, can you move it for me?" Sure, I said. As I approached the top of the stairs I bent down to move a rock, and sitting there in line with the others was a very different "rock." I could not fully comprehend what was happening, and as I backed up from the ring in utter shock, I turned to see Gary on the top step, down on one knee.  He asked me to marry him and my first response was, "Are you f!@*ing kidding me?" I could not contain my tears and ran into his arms. He had to ask me if I had even answered his question, as I was blubbering. As I choked out a yes, he kissed me and ran into the bushes to grab glasses and a mini bottle of Champagne he'd hidden early that morning.  
We sat on the stop step together sipping our bubbly (at 7am on a Tuesday!) for a good ten uninterupted minutes. I was wrapping my brain around what just happened, and Gary was basking in the relief of having his nervousness and stress over with. We could not have been happier.
I did ask him if we were going to finish the workout, as I still could not believe that he would foil the big test day. Little did I know, there was never going to be a test.  It was part of his big plan to make sure I'd be there on January 13th, my 10,000th day alive.  Instead, we went out to breakfast at Woodlands Cafe, where we had our first lunch date almost four years ago! It was a perfect day.

We had a little photo shoot to help us remember the moment. I love this artsy one that G took with the stairs in the background!

Look how dark it was! (It was also really cold and I had already taken off my vest after the last flight! Big mistake.)
Engagement selfie!

Oh happy weekend 1.16.15

Well who knew that this week would end up being the most exciting of my entire life?! I still cannot believe that I am engaged! (More to come on this!) Gary and I are on cloud 9 and are so grateful for all the love and well wishes that we've received over the last few days. And now, so ready for the weekend and time to bask in all this excitement. Maybe it will even sink in.

Ready to jump into the planning process!

This study says go cheap and big on your wedding day (thanks for sending, Dad)

Inspired to read the most popular modern love columns

Instead of brunch, how about a spot of tea?

After three days of cleansing, this video made me laugh out loud!

Hoping these lavender cookies turn out as beautiful as the pictures

This made me think about the state of my oldest friendships

Believe it or not, this weird accessory was the must-have of the holiday season 

Can't tear myself away from all the wedding blogs!

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

1. Coolhaus Sammie of the Month Club 2. Naive Union Night Cable 3. Dominos from J.CREW 4. Moscow Mule Mug by Crate & Barrel 5. Super Soft Marine Layer Tee 6. Uber-bright Flashlight 7. Carry On Cocktail Kit 8. Jawbone JamBox

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