Banana Muffins

For this first time since this diet started I finally baked something! I found this Banana Oat Muffin
recipe (to stay on the "healthy" side) from Honey & Jam. I used 1 cup all-purpose flour and 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour, exchanged rolled oats for instant oats, and substituted 3/4 vanilla almond milk for regular milk. I also accidentally doubled up the baking soda (2 tsp instead of 1). Believe me this kind of slip-up isn't unusual for me. One time I forgot the sugar while making brownies...

I brought these puffy little muffins to work on Wednesday morning, where I knew they'd be much appreciated! (They didn't go quite as fast as the cookies and other chocolate confections I usually bring.....curious.)
I thought these were really very good. And I ate far too many for the diet to allow. (But only one after the mid-day carb cut-off!)
I hope Gary doesn't read this.
I have posted a plethora of gluten-free muffins to Pinterest lately. I think I'll make these next.

While muffin making I also threw together a batch of vegan Snickerdoodles to bring to Gary's grandparent's house for dinner last night. His Grandma LOVES 'doodles, and Grandpa is on a vegan diet for the month. They were a big hit! I plan to try this recipe next.


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