Oh happy weekend 11.7.14


Fall is in full swing here in Northern California but I do appreciate that temps are still getting up to the high 70s. This weekend will be a bit of a college throwback at the birthday party of a fellow Bucknellian. Requested attire: Fall's Finest, including elbow pads, plaid and vests - what my preppy collegiate self was made of. Also on the agenda, a group dinner with close friends at this Bay Area landmark, and a T-Swift SoulCycle class!

Bay Area local? Get your craft on this weekend!

When the temps drop I must make this classic dish.

My ultimate running inspiration.

So many ways to eat this tropical tuber.

A married couple and their year of dates.
This Southern city is on my fall getaway wish list.

My favorite drink get's a fall makeover.

No weekend is complete with out freshly baked treats.

Photo via Instagram.

What I'm reading now

I never used to read multiple books at one time but there are just too many books on my list so these day's I've been doubling up. I usually pair a novel with a memoir or some other non-fiction, as I often read different genres at different times or in different locations, depending on my mood. Especially in the summer, everyone needs a good vacation read (in which case I recommend The Vacationers, not pictured here!) If you're need any fitness motivation you know which of these to pick up, and if you want a good cry.... read on to find out:

1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt - This took me ALL summer to read but it's totally worth it. Plus then you can join the rest of the universe in saying you're reading "The Goldfinch."

2. Finding Ultra by Rich Roll - I am fascinated by ultramarathon runners and ultra-athletes. Roll's journey to overcome obesity (and much more) to become the athlete he is now (and always has been on some level) is at times completely unbelievable. It will certainly make you think, if Rich can do it, I can (whatever your goal may be)!

3. If I Stay by Gayle Forman - Take note: Do not try to read book this in public as I spent one full day doing - from airport to plane to train. I couldn't keep the tears from coming. That is all.

4. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman - Take the quiz first, then you'll want to know more!

Wellie Wednesday 9.10.14

I am such a sucker for Wellies in all their colorful rubbery glory...and when they are pint-sized. I die. 
Via Habitually Chic

Oh happy weekend 8.30.14

It's my birthday weekend (yes that's a thing!) and while I haven't had a traditional birthday cake I've had nothing but sweets for 3 days now! (Cookies, flourless cake, multiple cupcake varieties...)  Of course there's still plenty of time in the long weekend to make a cake of my own... that way it's exactly what I want! :)

Enjoy these links for your long weekend!

If I had to pick my favorite cake combo I'd go with yellow cake and chocolate frosting. This one is supposed to be EPIC.

I love everything about this outfit (and put many of these items on my bday list)!

Not many 23-year-old's can say they've had this job!

A recognizable Marin native shares her local love-it list.

The best weekend of the year just came and went...and I'm already looking forward to 8/15/15!

Taking pinatas to a whole new level.

Everyone is talking about the 5 love languages. I need to take the quiz then pick up the book!

Enjoy National Toasted Marshmallow Day! These, these, and all of these looking ah-mah-zing.

Not toasted, but equally delicious: Frozen s'mores.

Oh happy weekend

yellow bike

Since my normal weekend indulgence - eating a lot of yummy food - is off the docket for the next few days due to THIS, I will have to bide my time with my other faves - bike-riding and
flower-shopping! In order to facilitate the body-cleansing process I am opting for a 90 min. massage tonight, yoga class this weekend, a few nice walks, and some good ole movie-watching. 

Enjoy some of my fave links from this week. 
Have a great one! 

Fascinating documentary

Frenchie Friday! 

Dying to send (or receive) a lovely burlap-wrapped bouquet via bike!

A "quick" adventure via my cousin.

New Tory Burch Pinterest board.

Lake Bell lust.

How I know he's Mr. Right.

Stoked to find this in my local market! (A post-cleanse treat!)

Photo via Pinterest

What I'm reading now

Most people who know me know that I love to read. My book lists are always growing and I cannot keep up! My favorite genre is non-fiction and I love memoirs and biographies. But I'm never opposed to a riveting novel now and again. I also love books about the social sciences.
Hence, I am very excited to have joined not one but two book clubs recently! One book club was started by a friend of a friend who is looking to meet more people in the Bay Area. It's a great way for us all to meet gals with similar interests and expand our social circle, all while delving into some literary works! The second club is a group of some of my closest friends, and I'm so glad for this monthly excuse to see them all more often! 

1. Alison of Book club #1 assigned Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. I decided to start the book just three days before the meet-up! I spent almost an entire Saturday blowing through the book and I was riveted. It is a historical fiction about a twenty-something girl in New York City in the 1930's and it certainly struck a chord with me as a twenty-something today. I highly recommend diving into this love-triangle full of plot-twists that will keep you flipping pages.

2. Book club #2 was hosted by dear Amanda who chose Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I actually ready Gone Girl months and months ago and absolutely could not put it down. I know its gotten mixed reviews from some as it certainly is a bit disturbing, which it is, but it is also quite fascinating and certainly a page-turner.

3. I recently finished Heads In Beds, having come upon it after reading the New York Times review. For the inside scoop on the hotel industry, pick up this memoir by Jacob Tomsky. His number one piece of advice: Whatever happens, be nice to the front desk agent.

4. In 2004 I spent time in the war-torn country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. My high-school teachers had set up a summer school there to reintegrate youth from the three waring ethnic groups. Having a first hand account of the people and the geography of Bosnia, Barbara Demick's Logavina Street brings back vivid memories. The lengths at which the interviewed residents of Logavina Street go to survive the four-year-long war will astonish you.

Note: This post was written over a year ago but my recommendations still stand! 

Sunday Blues: Easter Edition

Easter morning as an adult doesn't have the same element of surprise and adventure as it did when we woke up to Easter egg hunts as kids. Oh how I miss that. I miss the tradition of it. And while I didn't get my act together this year my goal is to reinstate some traditions- be it with friends or family- for the holidays to come. A future tradition I'm dying to instate: holding a big fat fluffy Easter bunny like this one. How cute is this.

{Photos courtesy of The Neotraditionalist}


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