Oh happy weekend 1.16.15

Well who knew that this week would end up being the most exciting of my entire life?! I still cannot believe that I am engaged! (More to come on this!) Gary and I are on cloud 9 and are so grateful for all the love and well wishes that we've received over the last few days. And now, so ready for the weekend and time to bask in all this excitement. Maybe it will even sink in.

Ready to jump into the planning process!

This study says go cheap and big on your wedding day (thanks for sending, Dad)

Inspired to read the most popular modern love columns

Instead of brunch, how about a spot of tea?

After three days of cleansing, this video made me laugh out loud!

Hoping these lavender cookies turn out as beautiful as the pictures

This made me think about the state of my oldest friendships

Believe it or not, this weird accessory was the must-have of the holiday season 

Can't tear myself away from all the wedding blogs!

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