Make Way For Lucky '13

As The Weepies would say, 2012 was Not My Year. It has been the hardest year of my life by far. One in which I've seen my family splinter, had a close friend diagnosed with illness, left my job, lost my home and dog, and on top of it all I turned a quarter century old!!  -->
(OK maybe that last one wasn't so bad.)
This is not to say there haven't also been many life-affirming and joyful moments in 2012. Usually spent with smile-inducing friends and family who I am oh so grateful for. Through it all I have turned to blogs for inspiration and uplifting. It has been my dream for many months (if not years now) to get my own blog up and running. I can't imagine a better time than the start of a new year! 2013 is truly a new leaf for me.
Last month my horoscope gave me this little nugget:
“Keep in mind that you bond with your fellow man through your vulnerabilities, not your strengths.”
 I hope that this blog can be a constructive outlet for me, as well as a means to connect to a strong and supportive community. 
Goodbye 2012...Here Comes 2013!
{Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed via Cake Appreciation Society}


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