Girl Starts Blog on New Year's (Eve)

This is exactly how I would like to ring in 2013. (But maybe wearing these instead ;-))

Back at the dawn of 2007, Joanna Goddard was "brave" enough to do what I'm sure many people would love to do on NYE: Stay in. She turned her night's activities into her first blog post ever: Girl Stays Home for New Year's, Bakes Cookies. Today A Cup Of Jo is not only my all-time favorite blog and a source of true inspiration for me, but also a Forbes Top Website for Women. I'm sure it must be surreal for Joanna to have seen those NYE cookies turn into what her blog is today. I'm using Joanna's "strategy" to jump into blogging at the start of this new year. I can only hope to attain a small amount of the success she has had, and to continue to be motivated by her (and all the inspiring bloggers out there!) to share my thoughts, feelings, and baked goods with those who care to tune in!

Later today I'll post my resolutions for the year ahead! 

Happy New Year!


{Photo courtesy of Pinterest}


  1. Jumped on your blog today- so many improvements! : ) Miss you, you're blog is super cute!


  2. Thanks Beth! Hoping I can keep it up! Miss you too!


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